A signature program, designed for women, that helps create a blueprint to assist in defining real estate goals, identifying hidden property opportunities and funding resources to transform a diamond in the rough into a gem.





I am so excited that you found yourself right here. A place that will assist you on transforming a diamond in the rough into a beautifu space.  Whether you want to transform your own home or an investment property, I will share the knowledge,  tools, and resources I've learned along the way.  


The blueprint will make it possible for you to identify and locate a diamond in the rough.  A property that you as an investor or homeowner can acquire at below market value.

You will learn how to purchase a profitable project with public and private sources of capital or with funding of your own.  I will guide you through the renovation process using tools and resources in the most cost-effective way to maximize your profit.  

I created A Diamond in the Rough, an intimate experience that teaches everything I have learned, from A - Z,  on my journey of transforming an 1889 vintage home into a historic gem and continuing to invest across the United States.  

I am committed to helping you turn your project into a profit.