From the northeast to the southwest, location. location. location. is where lifestyle begins.  I Love Beautiful Spaces will help you to objectively evaluate your needs, interests, and desires to elevate your lifestyle at home in another location and then the vetting process begins. 


We hand pick a lifestyle focused real estate pro specifically for you.  


CC Minton is the Founder of I Love Beautiful Spaces, A lifestyle driven firm that assists client in acquiring the real estate they love.   

I Love Beautiful Spaces implements a strategy, with clients, to acquire residential real estate using a network of seasoned professionals. 

Ms. Minton began her journey in the kitchen of her home and created a path that led her to one of the most beautiful homes - The White House.  It's where she covered Former First Lady Michelle Obama's White House Kids' State Dinner.  She believes the kitchen is the most valuable space in the home.  


Over the years, CC sought out and bought a number of homes and investments in support of the family.  Due to a change in status, she stepped up, downsized, and began creating a portfolio of her own that includes renovating an 1889 historic home, establishing roots, as an investor, in the hot Dallas market, and purchasing land in the Southwest region.  Ms. Minton is currently renovating a space to be used as a commercial kitchen.