I Love Food!  

How about you?

Food and Seed to Feed Nutrition

"Eat to live don't live to eat".  That's what I started to tell myself.  


Living in a city or country-like setting, colorful fruits and vegetables, and all the other types of foods that are needed to maintain a healthy body are necessary.  I love food because it is delicious.  However, the other important reason is that it is nutritious too.  

Food is what we eat to survive and thrive in life.  It is a necessity and when wholesome, it provides the energy and nutrition that fuels the body to perform well.  It often brings family and friends to the table.

Take my wellness evaluation and let's chat about food!

Seed to Feed

Suzzanne L.

I met CC through a promotional advertisement about health and wellness.  She had so much life and energy in her voice. I was drawn to her personality. She shared so much information with me and practically took me by the hand and led me step-by-step through getting healthy and losing weight.  I knew I was on my way to becoming healthy and strong.

Ever since meeting CC, my idea of who she is has never changed. She is very passionate about people and health and will go over and beyond to help anyone to succeed in reaching their goals in health and wellness. She is a delightful woman who will meet you on your level and help encourage your growth. 


I trust and respect CC Minton.  If you ever get to meet CC, then and only then will you understand the true uniqueness of her!

Nutrition with your Goals in Mind
Take Our Wellness Evaluation
Are you more interested in losing weight, gaining weight or a focus on overall health?
How many 8 oz glasses of water do you drink per day?
How many meals do you eat a day?
How many hours of sleep to you get at night?
Do you snack in between meals or after dinner?
If you exercise, how many days per week do you do so?

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