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THE main house

The Main

The Main House provides a basic need: Shelter.  Whether you're upsizing or downsizing, the most important room in the house is the kitchen and bedroom.  Everyone deserves a place called home.

THE main house

Outdoor Pool

Indulgence:  The  Second

HOT MARKETS are hard to dive into. Indulgence can be used for short term rental or long-term lease. It is currently under long--term use.  Use one of our 1,000+ international leisure properties.  

THE main house

Community Kitchen Garden

The Community


A visit to The White House Kitchen Garden was the inspiration for this outdoor garden.  It is currently under construction.


THE main house

Fancy Restaurant

The Club House

While The Club House is under renovation,  the use of our event space is available in Downtown Jersey City, NJ.

Just a bite size away from the Big Apple, it's great location for every occasion.

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