A house feels like a home when you make it your own.


Home is where the heart is.  It's that place where you kick back, relax, and enjoy the space you created.  From dinner parties to sleepovers and everything in between, it serves as a safe haven for family and friends.  


Choose your place wisely and make it your home.  

Over the years, CC has sought out and bought a number of family homes and investment properties.  She stepped out on her own expanding her portfolio experience.  Now a real estate pro, she is restoring an 1846 historic home to its' original grandeur.  After establishing roots in the hot Dallas and Paris real estate markets, she is in search of her next lifestyle empowerment project.  
She and her partners are committed to guiding clients through the process of establishing a lifestyle empowerment strategy that focuses on the style of home that meets the needs of the client with a strategic location in mind.  Her collaborative relationships are strategic and located in Atlanta, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York City,  and Washington DC.
CC is available to guide you through the strategic process of selecting your next home. 

Primary Residence

Strategic Locations

Home & Garden

Condos & Townhouses

"By working with CC, I was able to get my mom's property on the market.  She provided guidance and support in working with her local partner."

Carletta M.

"I've been working with CC for more than a decade.  With her talent, a keen sense of knowing the real estate market, and emotional intelligence, she convinced me to take the risk.   As a full-time seasoned investor,  I thank her for pushing me off the cliff to take the risk."

Jonathan F. 

We can help you Right-Size Your Living 
Are you interested in upsizing, downsizing, or a similar space.
If in the United States, what region of the country?
Are you looking to own a home or for a rental? rental?
Would schools or community activities be of interest to you?
What type of relocation do you need?
What type of housing is of interest?ep to you get at night?

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