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Power of Protein The Wonders of Love

Protein is powerful! It acts like an aphrodisiac that arouses the metabolism. So you might be wondering, what do love and protein have in common?

They are both powerful when it comes to maintaining the look of the body and the feelings of the heart. Collagen, a protein that is found abundantly in the body, is like the "glue" that holds the tissues between the cells together. That is the same trait that is needed when it comes to keeping loved ones, family and friends connected. The more delicious combination is that protein is a food source for the body and the heart houses the food source called love.

Make sure to get your daily dose of protein and love. It will keep your body strong and relationships too.

Get your daily dose of proteins with this food source. . . .



lean cuts of meat

protein shake (contact me for my recipe)

greek yogurt

cottage cheese

Get your daily dose of love with these activities. . . .

giving a warm hug

holding hands

at home date night

just the two of you for a night out on the town

a shoulder rub


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