New York City Fashion Week Meet Designer Hilary Arthur

Wow, Wow and more WOW! Fashion is gracing the runway in the Big Apple for the much anticipated New York City Fashion Week 2017. In fact, that's not the only place that will celebrate the iconic week of style. Variations of the high profile event are celebrated around the world. London, Paris - well all of you fashionistas know the rest. In 1993, "New York Fashion Week" was centralized. However, London was using the Big Apple's name in conjunction with "fashion week" since the 1980's.

Planning and preparation for the September festivities are in the works, but why wait until then. I had the pleasure of attending a PRIVATE LABEL event with designer Hilary Arthur of Arthur and Daughters. The chic and elegant by invitation only afternoon event, that started at two and ended at around four included styling, fittings and a splash of wine, brie and cheese with just a touch of chocolate covered sweets. Wish you were there? Well a conversation with Hilary is the next best thing.....I sat down with this mom and entrepreneur who knows how to mix work with play. Here's what Hilary had to say . . . . . .


When did you start Arthur and Daughters and what inspired the name?


I opened our Arthur & Daughters retail store in 2013. I started our A&D Private Label Collection in 2014. The name comes from the fact that my last name is Arthur and I have three daughters. So many businesses are named "....& Sons" but the daughters don't often get the same shout out! So, it is a nod to my girls and our family!


What did you do before starting your company and why did you decide to start it?


Before relocating from Brooklyn to Pennsylvania, I was a Senior

Account Exec at Calvin Klein Collection. It was my job to sell the runway collection to major department stores and specialty stores, then to assist them with growing their business with Calvin. I loved working with the smaller intimate specialty stores and dreamed of one day having my own retail store.

After opening the store I saw a need amongst my clients for classic / modern clothing that was customizable. My core customer is very knowlegable about fit, fashion and she knows what works for her. So we provide designs that are are fresh but timeless and then our customer decides on fabrication, color and certain design details.


What is your favorite piece from your collection?


That changes all the time!! I fall in love and obsess over certain pieces at different times. If I HAD to choose right now I would say the Franey Jumpsuit!


What is unique about your product line?


We empower our customers to customize each piece. We also make each piece to our customers measurements. This is an old school idea that we are breathing new life into!


What advice would you give women to persevere through obstacles?



2.Don't give up.

3.Don't be afraid to admit you don't know something and seek out help from those who do!


What new project are you working on?


We are ALWAYS working on and developing new pieces for the collection. I am very excited about the pieces we have coming up for Fall! I tend to favor neutrals but we will be adding some bold color for Fall!


Your collections are made in the USA. Why did you decide to manufacture in the states?


Making our collection and supporting designers who produce in the US is really important to me because it creates jobs, supports the local economy, encourages creativity and innovation.


What else would you share with us that we don't already know?


I am incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to pursue my creative passion. I also love working with and hearing from our customers. If your readers have any questions they should feel free to reach out to me. I would love to hear from them!!


I look forward to picking up my eye candy for the fall. I know others will too!

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