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About Last Night.....Hey Marcus Samuelsson

Photo Credit:  CC Minton

"Hey Marcus", I said. He responded , "Hey". Last night was cold and windy and celebrity chef Marcus Samuelsson was in the big city, on business, and I was too. Skinny tie, simple vest and that famous hat made him easy to spot. It was obvious his new business venture kept him tied to his phone. I totally understood because I was playing the same game. I know that good food and great real estate opportunities always make the cut when you have business on the brain. I was in town to understand the business of Newark real estate.

Photo Credit Udo Salters

I first bumped into Marcus at a New York City charity event for C-CAP, a careers for culinary program, and then by interview when Chef Samuelsson joined the Board (Here's the interview)

But on Thursday night, our paths crossed just 24 hours before the opening of his new trendy food spot Marcus B & P Restaurant. Opening today, Friday November 17, dinner will be served to the public for the very first time. The new Halsey Street space located in the historic Hahne's building, just a few steps from NJPAC, Whole Foods Market and WBGO, will soon be the new "hot spot" in town.

So what's on the chopping block? The menu will include cuisine for seafood lovers, southern classics , tasty pastas , salads and everything in between. I anticipate it will satisfy the palate just like Harlem Red Rooster, Ginny's Supper Club, Marcus Bermuda, and Kitchen and Table. One of my favorites - Harlem Streetbird.

Thank God It's Friday - between the real estate opportunity, the big city and Marcus B &P, I think I might just stop in again.

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