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CC Minton's New Book Coming 2019 PASSIONATELY FOCUSED

The new adult book from Best Kids Book Author CC Minton is coming in 2019. Here's what CC has to say . . .

"Passionately Focused started out for me at the tender age of 19. I was passionate about life and focused on my dreams. Leaving my hometown of Washington, DC and traveling the New Jersey Turnpike with just $30 in my purse and a tank of gas, I arrived in New York City ready to take over the world. I traveled with passion in my heart and developed razor sharp focus over the years. In Passionately Focused, I narrate my journey from the kitchen to the White House and everything in between."

To learn more about Passionately Focused, Sign Up and we will keep you updated about the 2019 book release.

Cheers! Mercedes

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