Buy A Home or Travel the World?

Why not do both!

I can help you travel the world to find a special

The decision to relocate to another country can be exciting. Planning for oversees retirement takes a lot of preparation and the needed details can be tedious job to tackle but well worth it. Taking a vacation can be an adventure that provides the opportunity to spend time in that special place that could one day be called home.

Traveling to a specific country or around the world will help you make the decision on where you would like to live abroad. A vacation to experience and explore different cultures is at your fingertips if you travel with me.

Retirement, a second home, or just getting away to have a good time allows you to enjoy the experience of the world in beautiful spaces and places too. The top 10 budget-friendly countries for retirement affords the opportunity to live on $2,000 per month. Retiring on a budget of $2,000 per month is a great possibility. The Top 10 countries for doing so can be found below. 1. Costa Rica 2. Panama 3. Mexico 4. Columbia 5. Portugal 6. Ecuador 7. Malaysia 8. France 9. Malta 10. Vietnam Start Your Travel Search today!

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