Buy, Hold, Live

BUY, HOLD, LIVE The real estate market is HOT! Sellers are buying and looking to trade up, downsize, or invest their profits. Buyers are scrambling to buy whatever they can get their hands on across the country. Buyers and sellers are looking to take advantage of the hot market and there is a lot of competition when it comes to jumping in. If you would like to purchase a property you can live in, invest in, and produce income - you can do so with one transaction, The highly desired 1-4 residential multifamily property is a great way to start. A well-known industry fact is that you can use an FHA loan to purchase a multifamily property and put as little as 3 percent down. Using an FHA loan to do so allows you to use a small down payment and satisfy your goals as a first-time homeowner and investor at the same time.

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