Hotel lounge
The Lifestyle Lounge

Welcome to The Lifestyle Lounge.   In this mastermind group setting, you will feel quite comfortable with members of the group because each and every one of has been properly vetted and brings an array of experiences that will allow them to add to each session in a positive way.  The camaraderie between women and men allows for a heightened experiences from different perspectives. 


If you have a partner or not, the experience can help you in setting your lifestyle goals as an individual or a healthy with someone else in mind.  It doesn't matter if your desired lifestyle is somewhere between simplicity to complexity or an average standard of living to luxury, CC will guide you on a journey to establishing a lifestyle that is pleasing vs. one that is people pleasing.    

The Perfect setting

The perfect setting is right from the comfort of your home.  Lounge in your favorite chair or space to feel relaxed.  The most important thing is that you are comfortable.  If you choose a lounge chair, bed, or cushioned mat on the floor, think of the time spent planning the lifestyle you deserve.  

What to expect in the lounge

The lounge is a hybrid.  Virtual and in-person sessions will allow you the flexibility to master your mind no matter your location.  Positive energy provides the synergy among members to help create the mindset needed to achieve your lifestyle goal.  At home, in a local space or travel to a space that allows you to connect with other group members. 

So, I ask you, are you living the lifestyle you desire or are you living a life that is beneath the vision and potential you have for yourself? 


I believe that living a life with more balance will help you meet all of your lifestyle needs.  If you are not living the life that is conducive for your lifestyle, become a member of the Lifestyle Lounge.