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The House of Minton
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The White House

      Kids' State Dinner

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CC Minton is an award-winning lifestyle maven, author, New York City conversationalist, and Founder of the House of Minton.  She embraces her purpose with a passion for empowering people in making lifestyle choices that serve their personal needs and desire. 


A nationally recognized recipient of the US President’s Council on Fitness, Sports, and Nutrition Leadership award, she transitioned from her corporate career into life as a stay-at-home mom.  Her new life began in the kitchen of her home where she created a path that led her to the most prominent address – The White House.  It’s where she attended former First Lady Michelle Obama’s White House Kids’ State Dinner.   


After a status change from Mrs. to Lady of the House, Ms. Minton stepped out on her own, right sized her lifestyle and the House of Minton was born.  Starting renovations on an 1889 historic home of her own, she later established roots as an investor in the hot Dallas market where she indulged in the purchase of a second home and land in the city of Paris.  The House of Minton is a lifestyle driven brand that encapsulates the art of living at home, work, and play.  Consisting of private real estate holdings and by offering ties to international markets, clients gain access to unique experiences at over 1,000 real estate properties of leisure around the world.  At the core, work, and play embodies the essence of its founder who believes that work and play should be one in the same.  Whether upsizing or downsizing, the House of Minton empowers its guests to live where they want, work how they want, and play when they want.  We empower you to right-size your lifestyle. 

A New York City conversationalist, CC Minton has spent close to a decade interviewing and conversing with public figures such as comedian Kevin Hart, Judge Greg Mathis, celebrity chef Carla Hall and Dorsey Britton Jr talk show host Tamron Hall, Broadway’s Tony award-winning Baayork Lee and FiFi award winning luxury perfume bottle designer Marc Rosen just to name a few. Her charismatic personality has earned her spots on Daytime Emmy Award TV The Chew, Dr. Oz and CBS Anderson Live. 

CC Minton’s passion for people is at the center of what she does to impact lifestyles both nationally and internationally.  She co-hosted the first Team USA Olympic Day sanctioned event in the City of Newark, took the lead as chairperson for the Junior League’s Teen Health and Nutrition Initiative while lending her voice as a guest panelist at the Jack and Jill of America Childhood Obesity Forum in Washington DC. She is a Best Kid’s Book author who has appeared at Whole Foods Market, The World’s Famous Apollo Theater Healthy Soul Festival, schools, libraries, and private events

She is a founding Director with Uganda based Kimote Foundation, a former member of the Board of Trustees at Friends of Edison National Historical Park, the Junior League Board of Directors, and the West Orange Wellness Council. 

CC Minton resides in Northern New Jersey with her kitty, Princess Chess, and her own personal chef.


Social Impact Exec


Her love for the community is at the center of what she does as a humanitarian and is home to where she finds her passion for the people.  CC is the Inaugural and Immediate Past President of the Board at Stevenson Moses Boxing for Life where she provided strategic leadership by working with the Board and other management to establish long-range goals, strategies, plans, and policies. Stevenson and Moses Boxing for Life was founded by the 2016 Olympic Silver Boxing Medalist/Professional Boxer Shakur Stevenson and Olympic and NJ Hall of Fame Boxing Coach Wali Moses. 

CC is a former member of the Junior League's Board of Governance and its Childhood Obesity Initiative.  A West Orange Board of Education Wellness Council members, she was invited to be a guest panelist at Jack and Jill of America Childhood Obesity Forum and hosted a Walk and Talk event with the YMCA and the communtiy at large.     

Superbowl XLVIII Business Partner

​A community leader that added an entrepreneurial focus to her work, CC tackled big business as a New York/New Jersey NFL Super Bowl XLVIII business connect partner.   

Lifestyle Maven   Author & Lady of the House

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