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CC Minton

The House of Minton

 The House of Minton

The House of Minton (formerly known as I Love Beautiful Spaces) consists of real estate holdings and its essential rooms deemed to be the most important space in each house. The acquisition of each house is inspired by the lifestyle experiences of Founder CC Minton who is the The Lady of the House.


The House of Minton champions a higher calling ensuring that each house encapsulates the aura of the community in which it serves. 

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Aura of The House


The House of Minton is home to land and buildings rooted in different sectors of the country. With ties to international markets, The House of Minton provides access to over 1,000 real estate properties of leisure around the world.  


Tamron Hall & CC


Inspired by the experiences of its Founder CC Minton, the intimate conversations with powerful and passionate people influences the diversity of assets acquired over time.    

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meet the lady
of the house

CC Minton, known as the Lady of The House, began her journey in the kitchen of her home and created a path that led her to the most prominent address - The White House.  It's where she covered Former First Lady Michelle Obama's White House Kids' State Dinner.


CC Minton Visits The White House  

Author, editor, ambassador and health advocate, CC Minton encourages and educates her readers with words and stories. On July 10, she added an inspiring and valuable experience.  She attended the . . .   

Wine Tasting Events

The New Romantic Cocktail

The Lady of The House.  A cocktail containing the juiciest red and black berries paired with organic dark chocolate.

Fancy Restaurant

The Club House

Downtown Jersey City, NJ

Coming Summer 2023

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