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The comfort of a home is an investment in real estate that appreciates over time.

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CC MINTON is an award-winning health & lifestyle advocate, media contributor, social impact exec turned real estate pro.  She began her journey in the kitchen of her home and created a path that led her to one of the most beautiful homes and prominent addresses - The White House.  It's where she covered Former First Lady Michelle Obama's White House Kids' State Dinner.  


Over the years, CC sought out and bought a number of homes and investment property in support of the family and refers to the kitchen as the most valuable space in the home.  After years of being married, she became single again.  In spite of feeling unsure and insecure, she stepped out alone, downsized, and began creating a portfolio of her own that includes renovating an 1889 historic home.    


Courage and determination paved the way for CC  as a real estate pro.  After establishing roots as an investor in the hot Dallas market, she purchased land in the Southwest and is currently renovating a space to be used as a vacation rental. 

CC launched A Diamond in the Rough.   Her signature program shares the tools and resources with women to renovate a diamond in the rough and turn it for a profit.     

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A Signature Program for Women


A Diamond in a Rough is a signature program, designed for women, that provides a blueprint to assist in defining their real estate investment goals by identifying hidden real estate opportunities, funding them, and turning them into a gem that profits.  


As an investor in the market, CC will share with you how she developed her diamond in the rough project that has nearly tripled in value in just two years.  

You will understand how to:

- Navigate the new COVID-19 landscape in a competitive market.

- Identify your real estate investment style and the type of real estate investment that will help you meet your short and/or long-term needs and goals.  


- Explore traditional and modern sources of capital available to new investors to fund a project.   

- Step-by-step guidance on renovating a diamond in the rough.    

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Sale Time

The Housewarming Gifting Society

A group of philanthropic donors who are committed to providing household items, furnishings, or design expertise to those who are recovering from housing insecurity.      

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What We Do

A Diamond in the Rough

An investment in humanity that appreciates over time and produces passive income.



The kitchen can be the most valuable  room in the home.  

It's where good health begins.   

The Referral Network

Our network of real estate professionals across the country focus on the needs of buyers and sellers to maintain property that meets the need of the lifestyle.  


Providing guidance to help others reach their real estate goals.  


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We have the know-how you need.

The Referral Network saved the inheritance that my mother left for us.  Through the Referral Network, we worked with a certified professional who focused on our need to get the property sold.  We are thrilled and appreciative that we were able to sell our family estate.  

        - Carletta Moore, Estate Owner - 

I needed direction in the midst of a crisis.  Consulting with CC allowed me to create a plan, implement parts of it right away.  I'm now working on my longer term goal.  Housing insecurity is no longer a threat.  

        - John Etienne, Retiree

With CC's keen eye and instincts for real estate, she was able to locate a Buy and Hold property so that I establish a senior residential housing facility.  During COVID-19, this type of housing is a necessity.    

        - Jonathan Footman, Investor

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