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Come with me on a journey that took me from the kitchen to The White House.    

I will share the lessons I learned with you.      

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A mundane life filled with professional dissatisfaction and desperately seeking personal fulfillment, CC Minton leaped out of the corporate world and into a new life filled with twists and turns driven by passion and purpose.  Unknown to the girl next door, she discovered through her hi-tech career that she was better suited for a high-touch way of living. Her passion and focus, as a community advocate, propelled her on an aspirational journey which began in the kitchen and took her to the most prominent address in the world - The White House. 

Reflecting on her pulse-pounding experience, she vividly narrates the journey and you will learn how her go-getter instinct, in spite of her fears and insecurities, drove her to get what she wanted.  Her high energy and authenticity snagged her a spot to appear on Daytime Emmy award-winning The Chew.  After a ten-month vetting process, she was able to overcome the challenges and ink a deal with the NFL Superbowl organization.  A grassroots approach was taken into unfamiliar territory while on the hunt to secure a world-renowned boxing coach as the keynote speaker for a successful Olympic Day event.       

Passionately Focused will get you off the sidelines, inspire you to take a leap from where you are, and strive towards the journey of your dreams.        









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