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The House of Minton

The House of Minton consists of real estate holdings and its essential rooms being the most important room in the house.  The acquisition of each house is inspired by the lifestyle experiences of Founder CC Minton.


The House of Minton champions a higher calling ensuring that each house encapsulates the aura of the community in which it serves. 

The Main

  Pillow Talk Conversation

Where femininity meets masculinity.  

THE main house

Outdoor Pool

Indulgence:  The  Second

HOT MARKETS are hard to dive into. Indulgence can be used for short term rental or long-term lease. It is currently under long--term use.  Use one of our 1,000+ international leisure properties.  

THE main house

Community Kitchen Garden

The Community


A visit to The White House Kitchen Garden was the inspiration for this outdoor garden.  It is currently under construction.

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