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Breathtaking Views: Inspiration Leads to Aspiration

The sun and the clouds are the catalyst that takes you, like a winged creature, on the breathtaking panoramic views of the atmosphere. The experience of inspiration stimulates your creativity and helps you define what exist within. Personally, professionally and spiritually, a focus on what lies in the center of the heart helps birth the vision you have for yourself in life, business and the needs of the soul.

Courtesy Image of Sag Harbor

A few years back I bumped into Tory Burch, at a vintage boutique, in the Village of Sag Harbor. Inspiration was what she found in the nostalgic fashionable space so to her, it must have had the feel of a breaktaking view but in a different place.

Inspiration is that something that allows you to embrace the desires of your inner self and make your dreams come true. Whether it's overlooking miles and miles of greenery of York City or the waterfront view in The Hamptons of Long Island, it all sums up to be the same, it lights the fire within to do the things that you really want to do! Check out my 3-step formula to inspiration below.

1. Inner Search

Take the first step and find a space that makes you feel in touch with your authentic self. It doesn't have to be The Hamptons or an international place. It can be your bedroom, backyard or a barn in the country. You get to determine what it is for who you are.

2. Step Out on Faith

Allow your mind to wander where it has never been before. Some where that may feel like it's off limits or causes a bit of discomfort. Sometimes you have to "go there" to get where you ultimately want to be. Experience this place as your authentic self to get to the step.

3. Dream the Unthinkable

Think BIG! Dream Big. Thinking big is not about just physical stuff but it's about embracing your hearts desire and going for it!

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