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The Sexy Fitness Cocktail That Makes You Happy

Happiness is a feeling that is craved by more than just the average person. In fact, it is craved by everyone. We know it when we feel it and we feel it when we're on top of the world. So I'm sure you're wondering; what makes it so special and what is the Sexy Fitness Cocktail? The ingredients make you happy when you indulge in your fitness workout and it gives you the warm and fuzzy feeling when it comes to romance.

The ingredients are a contrast to the popular fruity vodka-based drink Sex on the Beach. The Sexy Fitness Cocktail recipe is a dash of Dopamine, Endorphins, Oxytoxin and Serotonin. These key ingredients are unlike vodka because the hormonal quartet is produced by the body and are responsible for happiness when it comes to naturally feeling good inside and outside the bedroom.

The affects of each hormonal concoction are overwhelmingly delightful and have their own individual effects on the mind, body and soul. These key ingredients are unlike vodka because they give you that happy feeling naturally. Embrace the great feeling and read to see how much of each ingredient you want in your daily workout and romantic ecstasy.

The Sexy Fitness Cocktail

Dopamine - It is the catalyst that makes you take actions towards your goals. Fitness in the morning sets your day up and puts you on track to accomplish your goals.

Endorphins - Alleviates anxiety and depression. You need a dose everyday.

Oxytoxin - Creates intimacy trust and builds healthy relationships.

Serotonin - Flows when you feel significant. Always think about your achievements and serotonin will flow.

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